Sunset Over Rough Seas

Promised I’d post twice yesterday… but then things started picking up at work (first day back from my vacay) so it did slipped my mind.  But, since I’m pretty much still awake now, might as well put in a belated post.

Sunset over rough seas. 

I feel there’s something so entirely raw and sensual about it.

Sunset Up North... over rough seas and deserted beaches

That’s just me.

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6 thoughts on “Sunset Over Rough Seas”

  1. I like the variation of textures here. From the bottom to the top it starts with many curved forms packed tightly together, then shifts to longer lines above that. There’s a brief line of the curved forms again cutting across, followed by a lull, and large bold lines. At the top is a very smooth sky.

    1. :-) glad you like it. Never did quite break it down like that for myself but now that you mentioned it, yeah, all those details and elements coming together does make for a good photograph – if I may say so myself :-) Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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